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Refunds and Cancellations Policy

As with many Independent Software Vendors that offer software as a subscription, which is delivered electronically and controlled or activated by the issue of a Product Key, Tradebox are unable to offer refunds or cancellations on subscriptions. The reasons for this policy are because:

  • The digital software we sell subscriptions to is delivered electronically and cannot be returned.
  • The Product Keys issued to activate the software cannot be rescinded once issued.
  • The software is available free of charge to download, install, trial and assess for suitability prior to subscription.
  • The Tradebox helpdesk is available free of charge to assist the user during the trial.
  • The terms of use of the software stipulate the software is for business users only.

As a business, the above in no way affects your consumer rights.

If any doubt remains on the suitability of the software after the assessment period, we would highly recommend subscribing to a short term 1 month licence.