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Why Tradebox?
Keeping on top of your sales and VAT, your accounts, your order management and your stock control can be a real headache and can eat up your time. Now you can relax and let Tradebox do the hard work for you.

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Sales and VAT

Tradebox calculates VAT on every item of every order. All sales data, for any given period, can be easily exported to CSV and shared with your bookkeeper. Alternatively, you can summarise the sales and VAT for any given period and either share this or manually enter it into your own accounts system.

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Accounts Integration

Remove the burden of manual data entry in your accounts, save time and money and eradicate data entry mistakes. Individual invoices or batch? Individual customers or generic? It's about choices. Tradebox provides integration with Sage 50 and Xero, with Quickbooks in the pipeline.

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Tradebox integrates with all of the leading marketplaces and webstores, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce and EKM, allowing you to pass data in both directions with all of your sales channels from a single solution.

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Order Management

Having all of your orders from all of your channels all in one intuitive easy-to-use screen allows you to stay on top of your orders. Tradebox provides picking and packing lists, invoices and the ability to mark orders as dispatched.

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Products and Stock

Tradebox constantly uploads amended stock levels to your sales channels, either directly from Tradebox or from your integrated accounts package, reducing the possibility of overselling. Map SKU's many-to-one and create specific upload rules for individual products.

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Reports and Analysis

Access your sales reports to drill down into what's selling and which channels are performing best. Track your sales historically to see the sales performance over time. Import eBay and Amazon fees and pass these into an integrated accounts package as individual or summary entries.

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You're busy, or you can't get in touch, then drop us a message and we will call you back when the next customer services agent becomes available. Just fill out the form and tell us a bit about yourself and what you want to discuss.

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Quality Support

Tradebox are renowned for our excellent support because we always go the extra mile and understand that software is only as good as its support. Every user gets support free of charge from a UK-based team of experts who know the software inside out. You can speak with a support agent on all working days (national call rate) or drop us an email or raise a ticket.

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Tradebox Help Centre

The Tradebox Help Centre is where you will find all of the step-by-step articles and videos detailing how to install, configure and use the software. This is where you can also raise tickets and request features for the software, or vote on new feature requests that have already been made.

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Trial Tradebox software for FREE

Unlike most software vendors we offer a free, fully supported, no obligation, 14 day trial of the software. In fact we definitely want you to try before you buy so you can understand the capabilities of the software. We can help get you started and are happy to discuss any and all features.

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Demo the software before you purchase

Getting to grips with a new piece of software can be a little daunting so we've created a walk thorough video explaining how we integrate with different online channels, handle your orders, your stock and your accounts integration. When you're happy you can get a fully supported free trial of the software for a further 14 days and book an onboarding session with us so we can assist you in getting set up.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have been using Tradebox for 3 years …

We have been using Tradebox for 3 years now and it ticks all of the boxes for us. It allows us to connect our online Sales Channels to our Sage accounting system. One of the best benefits of using Tradebox is their technical support which is the best! Always at the end of the phone to guide us along. Brilliant!


Excellent software, great people.

We purchased Tradebox recently. With quick and easy installation and excellent support, this software has saved us so much time and money within a couple of weeks. All of our invoicing now takes a matter of minutes a day, and there is no room for manual errors. Excellent software, great people. Highly recommended.


Case Study

One of the great things about being an Independent Solution Provider in the UK online retail market is that our customer's profiles are pretty similar. You may all sell different stuff but you all face very similar, if not identical, daily challenges. Sometimes it's good to read a more in depth experience from another business who has walked in your shoes and used Tradebox to streamline their workload.

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