Tradebox have been providing accounts integration for UK online retailers since 2006 so it's no surprise that our software has so many features that you can leverage. The main benefit of accounts integration is the removal of a manual data entry, which is always prone to human error. On average it takes about 3 minutes to manually account for a new order in an accounts package. That's 3 minutes to create a new customer, raise an invoice against them, pick the correct products onto the invoice, ensure that the price paid is the same as the price on the inventory (and change it if it's not) and then allocate a payment method to the invoice. Then repeat for every order!! The best way to determine the value of accounts integration is to do the following equation:

3 minutes x number of daily orders = ?

It's your time and only you know how valuable that is. But starting at £600 + VAT per year, that's the equivalent of £50 per month, or £12.50 per week or £2.50 per working day. The more online channels you integrate Tradebox One with, the greater the value.


Tradebox integrate with the following accounts packages:

  • Sage 50 - Available
  • Xero - In Beta
  • Quickbooks - In planning
  • Sage One - In planning


  • Create individual or batch invoices
  • Create individual customer accounts or use a single generic customer account
  • Automatically account for VAT on all sales
  • Automatically update stock levels in accounts package
  • Automatically upload accounts stock levels to channels
  • Raise payments automatically, specify banks per payment method
  • Import eBay and Amazon Fees to accounts software
  • Create credit notes in accounts software for refunds
  • Setup alerts for cross-border VAT thresholds
  • Configure Tradebox to handle cross-border VAT for specified EU countries